Client Testimonals

“I’ve had some experience working with nutritionists in the past and didn’t really have the best interactions which had me hesitant at first. So my results when working with other nutritionists were always lackluster. I was really looking forward to working with Danielle, as she had a positive attitude and really seemed to listen to my concerns with understanding and compassion.


Danielle had a fresh perspective on nutritional health and also has a comprehensive knowledge of a number of autoimmune conditions with particular dietary concerns. These elements, her excellent work ethic, and overwhelming kindness really drove home for me a desire to work with her. I had a number of health concerns due to a couple of overlapping medical conditions…these conditions left me with low energy and feeling unable to move past a stalling point in my weight loss journal and overall journey to a healthier lifestyle. I really needed someone with more knowledge and tools to provide me with some guidance and some solutions as a layperson that I couldn’t find on my own. Again, it just left me feeling stuck/trapped without an ally.


Since working with Danielle, I’ve noticed a huge shift in my perspective as well as my accountability to myself. I’ve made strides as far as weight loss goals, and overall better health choices that have become a part of my lifestyle. This has helped my mood and sense of self reliance that had been several impacted by my health concerns. I’ve also become much more confident in my portion control and shifted to a dietary plan (anti-inflammatory, low-carb) that really works for my health.


Danielle excels at making you comfortable and understanding the perspective of someone who is struggling in their health journey due to illness and just life in general. She is a true pillar of support with all the knowledge and compassion someone needs when they have made the decision to change their life and health for the better. She is there for you when you have questions or just need to talk through your concerns. It’s comforting and empowering. I would unequivocally recommend Danielle’s services, especially if you decided to make that conscious effort to take control of or change your health, whatever the reason.”


– SM

“I have absolutely loved working with Danielle on my nutrition journey! Before working with Danielle, I didn’t know what talking to a nutritionist would entail and didn’t think I needed to do it — it was low on my priority list. When Covid-19 hit the US and had us all staying at home, I realized that I needed to take that time to work on me, my health, and to make taking care of my body a priority!

I consider myself extremely lucky as I do not have any autoimmune complications, however, through the first years of marriage, I had slipped into some bad eating habits and have gained weight since our wedding day. Danielle helped me realize those bad habits right off the bat and helped me get on track to having healthy and safe habits to help me achieve my goals. She never judged me for my food choices or habits, nor did she ever make me feel bad for admitting to loving a few local fast food places…Danielle was very understanding, realistic, and welcomed me in with open arms! She was always willing to answer my questions, no matter how simple or complex, and she always answered in ways that were easy for me to understand!

Danielle is a fantastic nutritionist and thanks to her, I’m feeling better than ever and am excited to see where her recommendations and help take me and body in the future!”


– Katy S

“I wanted to understand what value I would get versus just googling and doing the research myself. I was trying to learn as much as possible about Crohn’s. I don’t think that I felt stuck, but wanted to accelerate. The biggest deciding factor is that Danielle already did the research and will save me time + will bring experience from others to share. Later I also realized that Danielle has a structured program to finding problematic foods and thinking about steps for achieving my goals.

During Danielle’s and my first discussion, she gave me information that I didn’t already know. That was a sign that she would teach me something and it was actionable, not just theory.

Danielle was aware of the research, has experience, and was able to teach me something and also give me actionable steps to achieve my goals. I think her best skills are coming up with a tailored /personalized plan for my goals.

After working with Danielle, I’ve become more deliberate when eating and more aware of foods that may cause symptoms. I’ve gained 4 pounds and am hanging onto the weight gained. I’m regularly incorporating more anti-inflammatory foods and fitting in more calories throughout the day. And I’m feeling 50% better in just 6 weeks!”


– BK

I’m so in awe of all of the knowledge Danielle has to share. Working with her was super helpful!!!


So far I’ve lost 8 pounds, which I’m happy about. I feel like my clothes are definitely looser and my family notices a difference too. 


I have been realizing how little protein I was actually eating and thought I was getting more than I really was.


I’m going to the bathroom more consistently and am finally feeling better.


– Client

“Life is good. I’ve already lost 5 pounds since I’ve started working with Danielle. I’m loving the foods and gentle exercise she recommended and have not felt the least bit hungry while doing so. I saw my doctor yesterday and he is happy with my results too. Danielle is a DIAMOND — as good as it gets.


Marvin M

Danielle is so knowledgable and empathetic. Everything we’ve discussed and worked through has been so helpful!


– RC

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