Eating for Remission Program

A 12-Week Interactive
Dietitian-Led IBD Online Course

Are you feeling confused about what to eat with IBD?

 Do you have a limited diet or have you experienced weight loss and/or fatigue?

Are you tired of endless nights spent reading contradictory nutrition information for IBD?

You aren’t alone…

...and it doesn't have to be this way.

Diet has been shown to be a piece of the IBD treatment puzzle to induce and maintain remission.

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Introducing the Eating for Crohn’s & Colitis Remission Program

This 12-week program is designed to bring clarity around what and when to eat. 

With recipes, resources, and customized support, you’ll have everything you need to eat for Crohn’s and colitis remission.

It’s time to regain your energy and improve the quality of your life with IBD.

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Self-Paced Modules


There are 8 modules total. Complete the video lessons and review the additional resources when it's convenient for you. 

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Recipes and Handouts


After each module, you’ll be provided with helpful resources and recipes that will help you apply this information to your daily life.

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Group Q&A Sessions


Join live Zoom sessions for additional personalized support. All sessions are recorded and added to the platform.

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Individual Sessions


With the Eating for Remission Program+ program, receive a crystal-clear, customized game plan based on your symptoms and needs with two individual sessions.

Nutrition can reduce symptoms and help you achieve IBD remission

Nutrition is meant to complement your medical treatment to help you lower your inflammation and manage your day-to-day symptoms. 

Receive the information and tools you need to learn what foods to add to your eating plan.

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Your Instructor

IBD Dietitian Danielle Gaffen, MS, RDN, LD

Understanding the link between nutrition and gut disease inspired me to become an IBD Registered Dietitian Nutritionist. I have a passion for helping people with Crohn’s and colitis who are struggling with confusion around what to eat. My favorite part is helping you build confidence to eat without fear while managing your symptoms.

Program Overview

Each module will provide an opportunity to learn about the latest research on a nutritional topic for IBD:

  • Video Modules Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Handouts: 4
  • Topics Covered:
    • What is Inflammatory Bowel Disease, what are the potential causes of the condition, and why does food matter for symptom management and prevention
    • How the microbiome changes in IBD, what that means, and what we can do to improve it
  • Video Modules Total Time: 53 minutes
  • Handouts: 10
  • Topics Covered:
    • The latest food science research about anti-Inflammatory foods
    • How and when to incorporate these into your eating plan
  • Video Modules Total Time: 40 minutes
  • Handouts: 4
  • Topics Covered:
    • Foods and ingredients that may be inflammatory and when it may be best to avoid them
    • Navigating grocery store shopping and eating out at restaurants
  • Video Modules Total Time: 20 minutes
  • Handouts: 11
  • Meal Plans: 5
  • Topics Covered:
    • Research-backed dietary patterns for Crohn’s and UC
    • Sample meal plans that fits these dietary patterns
  • Video Modules Total Time: 34 minutes
  • Handouts: 10
  • Sample Menus: 12
  • Topics Covered:
    • Nutrient absorption sites in the intestine and why we care
    • How to manage diarrhea and constipation with diet
    • Fiber: when to go low and when to go high
  • Video Modules Total Time: 49 minutes
  • Handouts: 11
  • Meal Plans: 2
  • Sample Menu: 1
  • Topics Covered:
    • Foods that contain commonly needed nutrients for Crohn’s and UC
    • Amount of nutrients required to prevent deficiencies
    • How to know when supplements are needed
  • Video Modules Total Time: 27 minutes
  • Handouts: 11
  • Sample Menus: 7
  • Topics Covered:
    • Food tips and suggestions to follow during a flare
    • Foods not recommended
  • Video Modules Total Time: 42 minutes
  • Handouts: 3
  • Topics Covered:
    • Hydration requirements: how much fluid you need and how to rehydrate during bouts of diarrhea
    • Gentle exercise recommendations to keep you feeling strong
    • Tips for creating a sleep schedule that works for you and help you heal
    • Precision Nutrition, Nutrigenomics, and Nutrigenetics
    • Wrapping up and putting together all of the pieces

This Program is For You If You...

Want the latest IBD research in self-paced online learning modules

Need some guidance finding the evidence-based IBD nutrition approach that works best for your gut

Want an opportunity to meet and support other IBD warriors in a virtual monthly group nutrition Q&A setting and exclusive online community

Are looking for nutrition support at a lower price point than traditional 1:1 nutrition counseling program


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IBD Program Options

Choose the program that aligns best with your needs.

Eating for Remission

  • 8 virtual educational modules
  • 1 monthly group Q&A (1 hour)
  • access to exclusive community
  • downloadable resources and meal plans
  • 2 individuals sessions (1 hour each)
  • access to period program updates and new content

Eating for Remission+

  • 8 virtual educational modules
  • 1 monthly group Q&A (1 hour)
  • access to exclusive community
  • downloadable resources and meal plans
  • 2 individual sessions (1 hour each)
  • access to periodic program updates and new content


Will The Eating for Remission Program be tailored to my personal symptoms?

To tailor the information to your specific health situation, we recommend purchasing the Eating for Remission+ package, which provides individual sessions to personalize and customize the information for your needs.

How much time per week will I need?

You’ll need about an hour a week to set aside to review the video modules, resources, and recipes. But don’t worry: it’s a self-paced course, so if you fall behind, it will be there when you get back.

Will this really work when I feel like I've already tried everything?

If you’re feeling like this, know you’re not alone. Of course, I can’t guarantee results, and anyone that does should not be trusted! What I can guarantee is that if you complete the modules, you will learn so much about your body, condition, and what’s driving your symptoms.

When can I enroll in the program?

You can enroll in the program anytime and get access to the modules immediately upon enrollment.

Do I need a computer or can I access this from my mobile phone?

You can access the program from anywhere and on any device so long as you have a web browser and an internet connection.

Will my questions be answered?

Yes, all questions are answered, either in group Q&A sessions, individual sessions, or the private group forum. 

Who do I contact if I have any issues accessing the course after enrolling?

If you have any technical difficulties at all from the moment you sign up and throughout the course, you can reach out to [email protected].

Do you accept health insurance?

Unfortunately, this program is not covered by insurance. If it’s helpful, there is an affordable payment plan. Additionally, I accept Health Savings Account (HSA) and Flexible Spending Account (FSA) cards.

I LOVE the program, but I just don’t have the money right now.

Here’s how investing will stop you from losing money:


You’ll get evidence-based information to guide you on what to eat and not eat, so you’re no longer wasting money on expensive supplements, powders, shakes, special (diet) food, and more. 

A very affordable payment plan is also available.

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