Nutrition Services
for Crohn's & Colitis

Guided by an IBD Registered Dietitian

It's time for you to take back the control and
keep IBD in the backseat.

Are you in search of a comprehensive nutrition solution to aid your journey towards remission? 

Browse our diverse selection of pathways to choose the one that most aligns with your IBD journey.

Our Services

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An IBD Warrior Community with continuous support and education
Online IBD program

IBD Online

A self-paced 12-week interactive program:
Eating for Remission
Individual counseling


One-on-one personalized guidance with IBD dietitian Danielle Gaffen, MS, RDN


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anxiety around food
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Option 1

Monthly Membership

Living with IBD is not a journey you need to take alone. Join our IBD Warrior Community, a monthly membership program led by a Registered Dietitian.

It offers continuous support and education for those living with Crohn’s disease and Colitis. Each month you’ll gain nutritional education, get your questions answered, and connect with others who understand your challenges. 

Armed with IBD-friendly recipes and evidence-backed information, you’ll be equipped with the knowledge and support you need to manage your IBD confidently. 

Option 2

IBD Online Course

Confusion and frustration should not dominate your IBD diet. Our Eating for Remission Program offers clarity, understanding, and peace of mind over 12 weeks. 

This interactive online course features self-paced modules, nutritious and appetizing recipes, individualized support, and a community of fellow IBD warriors. 

Acquire the tools to supplement your medical treatment, manage your symptoms, and target remission. All at a lower cost than traditional counseling. Now that’s a recipe for success!

Option 3

Individual Counseling

Our one-on-one Individual Counseling service is available to US residents. It presents a three-month pathway towards living unfettered by IBD.

Danielle will be your guide, navigating the complexities of managing Crohn’s or colitis. From tailoring your diet, to identifying food triggers, and providing continuous support between sessions, Danielle is with you every step of the way. 

Your battle against IBD is also Danielle’s battle. Together, let’s regain control and live a life free from IBD.


From the Eating for Remission program and individual counseling

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Choose Your Pathway

Start with the program that aligns best with your needs.


IBD Warrior Community
  • monthly virtual nutrition education meeting
    (1 hour)
  • monthly virtual Q&A session
    (1 hour)
  • recipes and/or non-personal meal plan
  • connect with a community of other IBD Warriors

IBD Online

Eating for Remission
  • 8 virtual self-paced educational modules
  • 1 monthly group Q&A
    (1 hour)
  • access to exclusive community
  • downloadable resources and meal plans
  • 2 individual sessions
    (1 hour each)*
  • access to periodic program updates and new content*

Get Your Questions Answered

Schedule a Free 45-Minute Chat

Still unsure about the best program for you? Schedule a complimentary 45-minute consultation with Danielle. Let’s explore your needs and discuss how she can assist in achieving your health goals.

Food Survival Guide During an IBD Flare

Learn 9 key food tips from IBD dietitian Danielle Gaffen to help get you through a flare and reduce symptoms.

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