Three-Day Post-Op Ostomy Nutrition Guide

Nutrition is a key component of ostomy care that is often overlooked, but can make a huge impact in your overall recovery after your stoma surgery!

I teamed up with Kerri Holman of OstomyRN to create a three-day post-op guide for new ostomates. This guide provides a sample three-day low-fiber meal plan as well as some ostomy care tips and tricks for new ostomates.

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Want more tips?

Here are Danielle and Kerri’s top 7 tips for new ostomates:

      Consume smaller meals, more often.

      Chew like a chipmunk.

      Include lean, protein-rich foods with each meal and snack.

      Add new foods one at a time in small amounts and chew well.

      Slowly increase the amount of food you eat.

      Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate and avoid the use of straws.

      Prep supplies so you’ll be ready for the next pouch change or a leak



This is not an all-inclusive list of everything you need to know about your ostomy and nutrition rather, a launching pad to get you thinking about your nutrition and ostomy care. If you are interested in learning more, please contact Danielle at [email protected] and/or Kerri at [email protected] 


Kerri Holman is the owner of OstomyRN and a certified wound ostomy nurse. Her tele-health ostomy care provides virtual ostomy support nationwide as well as in-home ostomy care visits in the Denver-Metro area. She’s worked with adults and children and in a variety of settings. To book an ostomy consultation with Kerri, checkout



Burgess-Stocks, J. (2019) Eating with an Ostomy: A Comprehensive Nutrition Guide for Those Living with an Ostomy, United Ostomy Associations of America.

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