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Struggling with a limited diet?

100% of our clients have successfully reintroduced more variety into their meals.

Unsure about food choices? 

Gain dietary clarity like 98% of our clients who navigate their nutrition with confidence.

Tired of constant fatigue? 

Re-energize your life – 94% of our clients report increased energy.

Frustrated with IBD discomfort? 

91% of our clients have seen a decrease in gastrointestinal symptoms.

Do you find yourself thinking the following...?

“I often feel overwhelmed with all the different eating advice for IBD. It’s hard to know what’s right.”

“When I try to adjust my diet, I usually end up cutting out too many foods. It feels like I can’t find a balance.”

“I understand that eating healthy is crucial for managing my IBD, but I feel lost and need someone to guide me.”

“I’m unsure about which foods might ease my symptoms. It’s frustrating not knowing what to eat.”

“Thinking about getting a meal plan to make things simpler. Handling it all by myself is too complicated and stressful.”

Personal Experience, Professional Expertise


I am more than a dietitian; I am a partner on your journey. Having supported my husband, Ari, through his Crohn’s disease, I bring a unique blend of personal understanding and professional acumen to your IBD care, offering a blend of compassion and knowledge you won’t find anywhere else.

Danielle’s Commitment

  • Catering to all ages, Danielle provides personalized virtual consultations in the U.S. and educational group sessions globally.
  • ​Whether you’re navigating Crohn’s, colitis, or ostomy, pouch, or resection post-surgery adjustments, our virtual doors are open to provide the tailored support you need.

Your Path to Living Free with IBD

Evidence guideline

Evidence-Based Guidance

Cut through the clutter of conflicting nutrition advice with our personalized, research-backed strategies.

Unwavering Support

You're not alone in this journey. We’re here to support you every step of the way when it's most convenient for you.
Stress free

Stress-Free Management

Eliminate the guesswork from your Diet; we’ll simplify the complexity of IBD nutrition, letting you focus on what truly matters – living life to its fullest.

Client Transformations

Hear from our clients who’ve experienced remarkable improvements in their symptoms, energy levels, and overall quality of life. Be inspired by their journeys from constant discomfort and restriction to freedom and confidence in their food choices.

“I can’t even begin to describe how much better I am.

To paint a picture, I was unable to eat at all without pain. My diet was just mashed potatoes and chocolate milkshakes. I was probably the sickest I’ve been since my diagnosis, maybe even worse. I was dizzy, could not function, and felt hopeless.

Since working with Danielle, I rarely experience the midday crashes that used to wipe out hours of my day. I feel I’m eating in a more healthful way. I mean, it’s just like night to day because it was really dark and really hard and now it’s really bright and there are lots of possibilities.”
- BG
“I’m leaving the house more and am feeling confident about being away from the bathrooms.

Before starting with Danielle, I would have some flares with my ulcerative colitis. I was stuck because no one had information on this. I felt helpless and fearful about going out.

Now I’m feeling better. I’m leaving the house more and am feeling confident about being away from the bathrooms. And I like most of the food changes that were made."
- DS
“I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders when the diarrhea reduced and even came to a stop.

I had been flaring due to my Ulcerative Colitis (UC) for almost 2 years and had recently been diagnosed with a C. Diff. infection, to make matters worse. I couldn’t get the diarrhea to stop and felt stuck in having to limit my diet because it seemed that nothing was working and I had constant bloating. I started to feel hopeless as time went by.

I felt like a huge weight had been lifted off my shoulders when the diarrhea reduced and even came to a stop. After making changes to my diet and adding variety, my energy and outlook improved. The meal interventions allowed me to gain control over my health, improving sleep and exercise.

Eating right reduced my UC symptoms, helped me lose 15 lbs, gain muscle, have less stress, sleep better, more mental sharpness, and feel fantastic overall."
- SE
“I’m back to almost all my normal activities and I feel like I can be in charge and control what happens to me.

I didn't feel good because my output from my ostomy was very fluid and it was over consuming my life. I knew [my issues] had to do with food but didn't know what good nutrition was for a person with an ostomy. Since working with Danielle, my health has much improved. I'm back to almost all my normal activities and I feel confident."
- LM
“I feel more confident about my food choices.

After my second surgery I couldn’t eat much of anything. I needed help right away, as each day that passed I was becoming more discouraged and upset. I felt powerless and depressed about this situation and was worried about being able to take care of myself, my dogs and being able to function normal at work.

My experience with Danielle was awesome! I feel more confident about my food choices and I’m pleased to have dropped weight. Danielle is kind and compassionate and understands what goes on with diseases of the colon and is “in the trenches” with these issues. Without a doubt I would recommend Danielle to others.”
- DG

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